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Our “Pet of the Month" gets a $10.00 credit and their picture on our web site and social media sites!

September 2023 Pet of the Month

September Pet of the Month ‘Meatball’ Berry Meatball is an almost 1yr old painted Boston Terrier who loves his family! He is seriously the sweetest dog and has a great disposition. He loves to play with and chase his sisters (two cats). He really enjoys visiting new places with his ...
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August 2023 Pet of the Month

August Pet of the Month ‘Finn’ Lazar We are so thankful to be blessed by the kind and peaceful nature of this perfect dog.  Born in South Carolina six years ago, he was bought when a storm was approaching and he could not be taken to a shelter, and we ...
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July 2023 Pet of the Month

July Pet of the Month ‘Molly’ Novak Everyone meet Molly. A day after a raging storm passed through her owner’s city in Georgia, a young black dog turned up on their doorstep. She was skinny, scared, and covered in burrs, but she had on a small blue collar. Thinking she ...
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June 2023 Pet of the Month

June Pet of the Month Kirra Dulka Kirra is a bold and beautiful blue heeler who is almost two years old. Both of her parents are working dogs who live on farms in Kansas. Her name comes from Australia and means “dancing leaf”; “beautiful woman”; “life”; and “boomerang” in different ...
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May 2023 Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month ‘Patrick’ Sisko Patrick is a 17-year-old male Eskipoo who was born on St Patrick’s Day (of course).  He is a very sweet boy whose favorite people are babies and the elderly. He loves to wear scarves and still loves going for walks. He is not ...
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April 2023 Pet of the Month

April Pet of the Month ‘Mac’ Ramsey Mac was diagnosed with heart disease and IBD at 9 months and wasn’t expected to live past his 3rd birthday. He’s now 5 and a half and doing well. He’s had countless trips to vets and hospitals, yet he maintains the sweetest disposition. ...
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March 2023 Pet of the Month

March Pet of the Month ‘Pepper’ Cargill Pepper is named after the Marvel Avenger, Pepper Potts. She loves to hide but also zooms around the cage for her daily cardio. She lets you know when it’s time for food and water by squeaking very loudly for everyone to hear. She’s ...
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February 2023 Pet of the Month

February Pet of the Month ‘Ginger’ Smith Ginger was adopted in July 2020 from the Friendship Animal Protective League of Lorain County. Because of COVID restrictions, we adopted her sight unseen. And what a sweetie she is! Ginger loves to snuggle with her family and is always so polite and ...
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