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Click the button and fill out the form to submit your pet to be our “Pet of the Month"!

Our “Pet of the Month" gets a $10.00 credit and their picture on our web site and social media sites!

June Pet of the Month

June Pet of the Month Bailey Conner Bailey is now ten months old and thinks he is the boss of the house. He loves his toy box and goes from toy to toy throughout the day. We can tell he is a Golden Retriever by how active he is (but ...
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May 2024 Pet of the Month

May Pet of the Month Oatie Baxter Jannazo Hi, I’m Oatie Baxter, a 13.5-year-old wheaten terrier with an old soul that will tug your heartstrings My favorite things to do include lots of sniffing, eating my vegetables(I share with my brother Franklin), being a burrito blanket, and car rides. I’m ...
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March 2024 Pet of the Month

March Pet of the Month Bailee Spitale   Bailee is a Golden Doodle, and she will be 11 years old in May. Bailee loves being around people & children and especially enjoys playing with other dogs! She really enjoys being outside, playing with her frisbee, playing in the snow, and ...
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February 2024 Pet of the Month

February Pet of the Month Coco Plizga Coco is an almost 10-year-old Yorkie Poo with LOTS of Energy. She came into the family from a school fundraiser auction in 2014. Lucky us to have bid on such a loving dog. Coco LOVES people along with being outside, playing with her ...
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January 2024 Pet of the Month

January Pet of the Month ‘Lucy’ McShane Lucy came to us in June of 2014. She is a rescue who was in need of grooming, vet care, and love. As an adult dog, I was somewhat concerned about how she would fit in with our family. Lucy fit in just ...
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December 2023 Pet of the Month

December Pet of the Month ‘Hazel’ Nemer Hazel is so excited to finally be Pet of the Month! She’s a Southern girl who came to Ohio from Memphis during COVID. Hazel is a 4-year-old Boxer/Beagle mix with plenty of energy to spare! Hazel is always smiling and loves meeting new ...
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November 2023 Pet of the Month

November Pet of the Month ‘Marley’ Moretti This is Marley! She loves long walks, cuddles, and her favorite food is bananas! She’s a 5-year-old doodle mix! She’s super spoiled and comes with us everywhere including when we work on our rental properties. Congratulations to Marlin and his family!
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October 2023 Pet of the Month

October Pet of the Month ‘Marlin’ Musson Marlin is a sweet, loving, adorable six-year-old Labradoodle, but his life technically started when he came to our home when he was four. Marlin is a rescue and an amazing addition to our family. In this house, we narrate Marlin’s thoughts; he has ...
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