We know so much about your pets. We wanted to give our cherished clients a chance to know our pets, too!



Molly Agosta

Molly was adopted from One of a Kind in 2016 at almost a year old. Her mom was just going to ‘look,’ and she did. She looked right into Molly’s eyes, and Molly looked into hers. She then barked at her through the glass window, and her mom said, “Yep. This dog is coming home with me!"

She was adopted with a known injury. Her mom likes to call it her ‘peg leg,’ but that does not slow her down! Molly loves her family and listens very well. Her favorite pastimes include kayaking, chasing her ball in the water, playing with her ‘babies’ (stuffed animals), and just being around the people she loves.

She shows her love through kisses, lots and lots of kisses! It takes her a while to warm up to new people, but you’ll be in her pack for life once she does!

Molly really is one of a kind!