We know so much about your pets, we wanted to give our cherished clients a chance to get to know our pets too!



Aesa AKA “Polka Dot Princess"

Aesa is an almost 8 year old Rottweiler that belongs to Kristen, one of our receptionists. She was born a pure bred Rottweiler and for the first 4 years of her life she looked just as a Rottweiler should. Right after her 4th birthday her mom and dad started noticing some discolored areas on her mouth and around her eyes. Almost 4 years later, many types of testing and dermatologist visits, and a diagnosis of vitiligo, she has earned herself the name of “Polka Dot Princess." Vitiligo means Aesa is losing the pigment in her skin and that’s what’s causing her fur to turn white. It doesn’t hurt her, just makes her more beautiful than what she already was! 

Aesa is a master at butt wiggling, “purring," getting your attention, and being a great big sister to mom and dad’s twin girls at home. She also has a little Rottweiler sister named Brew who keeps the house entertained. Aesa gets attention wherever she goes. Questions like “What kind of dog is she mixed with?" or “Did she get into some paint?" are just a couple examples of what her family gets asked when she’s out in public. She is definitely a conversation topic!

Aesa grew up with her family at Keystone and she loves coming to see everyone whenever she can. She is one special girl!