May Pet of the Month

Oatie Baxter Jannazo

Hi, I’m Oatie Baxter, a 13.5-year-old wheaten terrier with an old soul that will tug your heartstrings 💚

My favorite things to do include lots of sniffing, eating my vegetables(I share with my brother Franklin), being a burrito blanket, and car rides. I’m even strong enough to still stick my head out the window and feel the breeze on my face. After all these years, Mom and Dad say I’m still a blonde bombshell, no gray yet. I like to get fancy in my bow tie because it usually leads to a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Thank you to all the doctors and vet techs for helping me stay healthy, especially in my senior years. See you all at my next nail trim.

Lots of licks,


Congratulations to Oatie and his family!