We now offer Behavioral Health consultations.

  • Is your pet afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks?
  • Is your pet destructive while you are at work?
  • Are you having problems with accidents in the house?

 We can help with these problems and much more!!

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1. Medication will be all I need to fix a behavior

While medication may be required to help change your pets mental status it will not be the sole strategy in modifying your pet’s behavior

2. Behavior will improve with a single visit to the Vet

Generally behavior modification takes several visits to the Veterinarian 

3. There is little time commitment required on my part to change my pet’s behavior

For a behavior modification plan to be successful it requires a dedicated family and may take months for us to reach our goal

4. Behavior modification plans are usually very simple

Behavior modification plans can become very complex with several components. They can become less involved over time.


Does your pet pull through a pinch or choke chain?

We have the solution… Gentle Leaders.

 Not sure which type of collar/harness is right for your pet?

Check out what Dr. Sophia Yin has to say:





Do you already have a Gentle Leader and are disappointed with the results? Bring it to our highly trained staff; we can assure a proper fit and teach you the best way to walk your furry friend!